Welcome to “Two Phase”

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Twophase.co started its journey in 2015 with an ambition to build software & I.T professionals base team to deliver 360-degree solutions to critical problems with the help of cutting-edge technology ensuring quality and steadfastness. Our undertaking and goal are to achieve the highest level of recognition as one of the best services providers in I.T industry bridging the gap between technology and the new era of digitalization by creating value & generating business convenience with self-worth for our clients around the globe. Two Phase, are quite proficient in creating unique out-of-the-box e-products and services for our clients making us immaculate with the best of industry’s practices which are cost-effective and time considerate.

Our establishment is operating with well-experienced market professionals under our belt who are working hard toward making the dream into reality by creating & developing Dynamic Websites, Web Hosting Domain Services, Applications for Android & iOS, UI/UX design, Creative Brand Design, Pay Per Click (PPC) solutions for e-commerce websites, SEO Lead Generation, Digital Marketing and much more for your business requirements.

Two Phase, skillful team keenly emphasized on Organizations Goals & Values for the client in view of achieving requirement. The steps they follow are:

  • Planning, Assessing & Analyzing
  • Acting or executing
  • Tracking
  • Reviewing
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Leadership
  • Clear Focus and Objectives
  • Realistic Project Planning
  • Quality Control
  • Risk Management
  • Orderly Process
  • Continuous Oversight

We are the preachers of creativity, innovation, and uniqueness and our objective is to provide market competitive facilities for a wide array of platforms for a fast-evolving environment, whether it’s a simple website application or e-commerce website for or even technical support, Two Phase are here to oblige you.

Creating a strong online presence is no walk in the park and is actually quite tough to execute in the prevailing digital age for example the world has become a global village with rapid digitalization generating a need for the local businessmen to have an online presence that’s where we step in as we specialized in providing the value for your time, money and energy.

There are many companies, developers, designers & IT professionals who claim to give you the most excellent offering but the dilemma is that most of them are incompetent when it is time to show their competency causing you to waste your time and hard-earned cash.

We know how to generate value for our clients and to give a general idea of why we’re the best at beginning of our crusade, we just started with multiple projects from various clients in the UK, America, and Europe which is increasingly in numbers, firstly due to our commitment in the deliverance of projects before the deadlines and secondly we provide exceptional services for that particular projects showing them that whatever we meant we did it with 100% certainty keeping them in confidence.

Let’s take a deep dive on a brief outlook in a few of the things we manage on daily basis with multiple projects for our clients.


Is an essential weapon for your business even if you have a business website but still can’t generate business due to the non-availability of traffic on your site which means your website is not even close to the radar of a general consumer so what to do?  This is the billion-dollar question, well for generating traffic for your business we make sure that your website appears on the following image search,  video searchacademic search, news search, and industry-specific vertical search engines. We know how to play with Google algorithms by incorporating different internet marketing strategy but to further proceed you must put your faith in us.


One of our key areas of focus, when we are advertising your business on the different online social media platform, is to produce brand awareness for the targeted audience as there are 5.2 billion smartphone users out of which 3.6 billion people are on multiple social media platforms and the number is expected to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025 that’s why it has become crucial for any business to market their business on the different online platform which not only creates business recognition but also clientele.


There are 400 million websites currently active and more are spawning as we speak due to the digitalization of the new world and without an impressive website to showcase your services and product catalog on what you’re offering you won’t be able to make it therefore, it is essential for you to make the right decision by having a website for that we offer multiple solutions on various platforms i.e.WordPress, Static and dynamic websites with an awesome framework on modern tech which is sprightly nimble like a bolt of lightning.



You already are well aware that everyone uses a smartphone in one way or another and most of the people consider having a business application for their clients which is quite convenient, quick, fast and with less hassle for them as they can use it from anywhere which has created a paradox for business owners to have their business application on both emerging platforms that is IOS and Android in the IOS alone there are 728 million users and for the other 3.8 billion active users that’s why we offer special services on this specific area to solve your big problem by creating splendid applications for both platforms which are cost-effective and high quality.


For promoting your business, we will go to the whole nine yards as PPC offers a unique solution for advertising your business on different online websites, Social Media Platforms and Google ad sense, etc. this will not only boost your business brand awareness but will also generate a good influx of consumers


We are experts when it comes to designing your brand either it is a sophisticated design for your website, application, products, logo of business, Banners, brochures, business cards, calendar, quotes design for social media, etc. Just tell us what you have in mind and leave the rest up to us because creativity is the spark of our business.



You already have a website but whenever any customer login online you just have severe lags causing your customers to lose interest than we have solutions for that too as we provide rapid web hosting from anywhere in the world with high bandwidth and multiple cloud-based storage capacities which will make your tension go away for years to come for a small cost that’s why contact us for quick, clean and easy web hosting services.

The above mentioned are the gist of the iceberg as we offer much more and to find out more you just have to contact us and If you’re still thinking or wondering is, we right for the job? Then we have an excellent offer just for you. It is that whatever project you require to get done we are willing to give you a demo of the first milestone for free of cost from which we are hoping that we are able to gain your trust and to be quite honest we are confident that once you have started working with us you won’t regret it as together united; we can strive for successful triumph and achieve excellence.

Two Phase, essentially thrive by creating those products which generate value for the cliental in the long run with an ease of mind generating excellent user experience for the customers. What our major emphasis is when dealing with our clientele’s complex digitalized software projects is to understand how to solve the complexity of problems through project management.