There’s a continuous debate on which is better; SEO or PPC? Truth be told, there’s nothing better. It depends on your business situation, goals, and your target market. End of the day, Search Engine Optimization or Pay per Click, both are used to generate traffic to your website.

And honestly, we only think if done right SEO is much better than spending on paid marketing strategies. But there’s no marketing, with sudden results. For a new business paid search can offer much bigger results than, spending on SEO in the early stages.

As I am writing this, it seems a lot confusing. Even I’m confused if I made my point clear or not. But here’s the deal, for any brand, a digital marketing strategy matters a lot. Understanding your goals before initiating your plan, how your target audience approaches a brand like yours. Whether they trust paid search results or organics or a mix of both, this approach will let you come up with unique ideas.

Now, you need to understand when to use which.

You may have heard this before, but let me say this again; traffic is the lifeline for any online business. An online business can only be successful if it receives an immense amount of traffic. That is the fact!

Now both are if done right is effective methods of getting people to your website. But to be successful in search engine results, a brand or a marketer should know the strengths and limits of each method.


SEO refers to appear your brand on the top results of a page in search engines.

SEO is the heartbeat for an online business. As research tells 80% of your traffic can be generated from search engines. Google is considered and undoubtedly is the biggest search engine to entertain more than 3.5 billion searches per day and have more than 92% of the market share.

So, here’s a little help for when you should Practice SEO instead of PPC?

When you need consistency in your results:

SEO is considered to last a lot more than any other Digital marketing strategy. But it is slow, getting on the first page and conquering those who are already on it can’t be done overnight or a week, or even a month. Getting on top takes time. But once you get there, the results are going to be last a while. And if you continue to work on it, you can hold on to your position for a longer period.

When you want to make your website an Authority site:

An authority website is the one people use as an established and trusted resource. It is a platform for people of a certain niche for reliable information. An authority website, once ranked can stand on top on its own, based on people getting to your website, again and again, recalling your URL. But first, just to establish your website on search engines, you need to generate traffic to your website, which as a result will end up building a reputation and become popular. Remember, the secret to sustainably generated traffic is clever and powerful content creation and SEO planning.

When you want to make your website worthy:

Think of your website as virtual real estate. If you’re planning to sell your website for a premium price, you have to consider how you could increase its value. SEO is the answer. It is just too easy to buy a website that’s already ranked on top, instead of creating a website and invest a huge amount of money and time to rank it to the top while fighting your competition. When a website is ranked on top and you want to sell it. You can easily earn a huge amount of money just to sell it out!

But all of the above things do not mean that SEO is just ‘FREE’. It isn’t, you have to put a whole lot of money and time into it to get good results out of it.


Now, let’s cross the border and see how PPC works. PPC marketing is a method of running ads on search engines. You have to select some relevant keywords and then bid to have your ads appear on sponsored search engine results. Pay per click, kind of defines it. You have to pay for every person who clicks the ad you’re running.

Some of the popular PPC platforms are Google ads (AdWords), Bing ads, and Facebook’s ads. So, when should you use PPC?

When you want immediate results:

PPC can deliver faster results. Really fast, you can count on PPC to get instant results to your website. The moment search engines approve your ads; they get published and can be seen by millions of users. PPC is very effective in some cases such as; Product Launch, Seasonal Promotions, Collaborations, and Marketing an event, etc.

When you have sought a specific audience on your website:

Unlike SEO you have the option to narrow down your audience to very specific in PPC while creating a campaign. Many PPC platforms such as social media encourage you to narrow down to age groups, locations, gender, relationship status, and income bracket, etc. Facebook even allows you to target an audience based on their hobbies. Such options can make PPC a powerful tool to narrow down your desired audience.

When promoting an offer for a short time:

Promotions, events, and sales with an expiry are always a hectic practice against time. You cannot promote such events through SEO, as it takes time and is long-lasting. So, PPC is the best practice for such times. You can have instant results and start engaging your audience in no time. And whenever these events end, all you need to do is shut down your campaign and it’ll stop appearing and won’t affect your SEO plans.

When your website does not support SEO:

SEO requires a rich-content and regularly updated website. This is used to inform and remind search engines that your website is relevant and to keep your site on the top. Some websites are not designed for SEO.  For example, websites with squeeze pages, don’t have the required amount of content, and the search engine doesn’t bother to have a look at such websites. And for such websites, traffic can be generated from PPC strategies and campaigns.

If you want to own a keyword category:

PPC results are displayed before the organic results. In many cases, this position means that as much as 50% of traffic is heading towards the top 3 sponsored links, and if you’re missing it you’re just doing a favor to your competition. If you’re all about conquering in search engines then you must go for PPC.

Many situations require prioritizing one method over the other. We at Two Phase believe that one should debate for SEO vs. PPC, but to think of both SEO and PPC as powerful tools to make your search engine presence strong.